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Womens Ultimate Daily Natural Multi-Vitamin ... it is the Superfood of the everyday!


Nourish your body from the inside out - a good health choice - super nutritious!

Seaweed can work wonders for women, and boasts so many health benefits that will help women in their everyday lives. These include feeling more energised - a natural boost to your mood and energy levels, a healthier gut - incredible nutrients for your whole body, more radiant skin - skin is nourished, elasticity promoted and increased blood flow to the surface of your skin, as well as being more active - naturally supporting weight loss, helps with aches and pains, has anti-inflammatory properties and gives you plenty of energy.

Some more reasons why incorporating seaweed as a woman is so important:

  • A high protein content - so wonderful for women.

  • Regulation of hormones - research suggests that seaweed can help control estrogen, which is necessary for the health of our sexual organs. Because of this property, seaweed is believed to aid in keeping monthly PMS in check, and can even lower the risk of breast cancer.

  • Natural detoxification - seaweed is believed to be to able to protect the body from heavy metals and other environmental impurities. Seaweed does this by turning them into harmless salts that are then easily flushed from the body. Seaweed also contains a high concentration of chlorophyll, which also helps to naturally remove toxins from the body.

  • Natural iodine - iodine plays a major role in maintaining and supporting a healthy thyroid. Your thyroid gland is pivotal in the metabolic processes within your body.

  • Increases hair and nail growth - seaweed has been shown to help your hair stay hydrated, shiny and healthy, while promoting growth.

  • Healthier heart - studies concerning seaweed have also identified that it can reduce our blood pressure and also lower the risk of suffering from heart disease.

Also.. we have exciting news! IT'S OCEANGREEN ORGANICS FIRST BIRTHDAY! Thank YOU for your purchases and support throughout the year - I am grateful and appreciative. xo


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