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100% Premium Marine Health Supplements

Our powerful marine-based range of supplements, designed to support specific health conditions like thyroid and hormonal imbalances, as well and renourishing and protecting your skin, hair and general health.

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Ocean and Green supplies only premium quality, 100% natural supplements sourced locally in New Zealand. In contrast to synthetic supplements, our plant-based supplements contain the essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements in a natural ratio, often according to the seasonal changes in the growth of the source materials.


Natural supplements by Ocean and Green are responsibly sourced. All ingredients are fully traceable to the farm or harvester and hand-picked by us for their superior quality. Our natural, GM-free plant-based supplements provide a better distribution of all the essential ingredients as if you had collected them yourself from the seashore or garden.


Choose Ocean and Green for your seaweed, marine collagen and hemp supplements. We ship worldwide, and our products are available in selected shops in New Zealand. Trade enquiries are welcome. Enjoy the health benefits of our natural supplements today.

Nourished Naturally

100% pure new zealand
Organic and vegan
Batch tested and hand-harvested
New Zealand Ocean

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What Clients Say

“I have been taking the Ocean & Green Marine Collagen Supplements for the past month – WOW! Firstly, what great and restful sleeps, feeling more refreshed, no longer achy joints and skin glowing! & vibrant. I love the capsules as not a fan of having the powder. Love taking in the evenings for better results. Highly recommend!”

​Liz Ward, Wellngton, NZ

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