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Why you should be using an Oil Cleanser

You may of heard of the term 'oil cleansing' being thrown around recently. What? Oil cleansing? Sounds a bit backward doesn't it. Well, it actually may be the perfect product to slip into your skincare routine. Confused? Don't worry, we will explain how the oil cleansing method works and why you should be using it.

What is an oil cleanser?

An oil cleanser is an oil-based skincare product that deep cleanses the skin. It will remove makeup, other unwanted material that has accumulated on the skin throughout the day and remove excess oil.

How does an oil cleanser work?

The oil from the product bonds to the oils and surface debris that resides on the skin. Once you wash off the cleanser it takes away all the nasties along with it. The benefit of using an oil cleanser is that will double as a protection layer on top of your skin while keeping it soft and nourished.

Why should I be using an oil cleanser over a regular cleanser?

Traditional cleansers such as gel, foam and cream cleansers can remove all the bacteria from the skin including the good. However, an oil cleanser will leave the good bacteria and microbes which will help fend off skin infections including acne.

Benefits of the oil cleanser method

  • Unclogs oil glands making pores less visible.

  • Address the root cause of blackheads and breakouts.

  • Takes away dirt and dead skin from your face that has built up throughout the day.

  • Will remove makeup including waterproof makeup!

  • Hydrates dry skin.

  • Acts as a barrier that will protect your skin throughout the day.

  • Balances oil and combination skin types.

  • Reduces inflammation in skin infections such as acne.

  • Leaves the good stuff that our skin needs to be happy and healthy.

I don't know how those incredible benefits could not convince someone to take up using an oil cleanser!

Why should I use Ocean & Green's Skinsync oil cleanser?

This oil cleanser has been specifically designed and formulated to not only help combat hormonal breakouts but also soothe and calm your skin.

We have chosen specific oils for their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory roles such as hemp oil, tea tree and witch hazel. This helps to not only support your skin but also prevent new breakouts from occurring. We have also included lime and cucumber for their cleansing properties. It is the ultimate oil cleanser for breakout-free and glowing skin.

Head to our website to see the entire Skinsync range and discover how it will transform your skin and revolutionize your skincare journey.


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