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Who is Oil Cleansing best for?

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There has been a lot of talk recently about the addition of cleansing oils into the skincare game. But, who should actually be adopting the oil cleansing method into their routine?

Who is a cleansing oil best for?

The answer is all skin types can benefit immensely from using a cleansing oil. Dry, normal, combination or oily skin? Oil cleansing will help treat all kinds of skin types as the oil from the product bonds to the oils and surface debris that resides on the skin. Once you wash off the cleanser it takes away all the nasties along with it. The benefit of using an oil cleanser is that it will double as a protection layer on top of your skin while keeping it soft and nourished. This means that it removes oil but does not leave the skin dry which would result in the skin producing more oil to try self-moisturise.

Whether or not you should use a cleansing oil comes down to two things: personal preference and how much long-wearing makeup or water-resistant sunscreen you use. A good cleansing oil will aid in breaking down built-up makeup and sunscreen, therefore making a tough job look easy.

Assuming the cleansing oil doesn’t contain problematic ingredients like fragrance (including fragrant essential oils), they’re not a wrong choice for anyone, including those with sensitive, redness-prone, or even blemish-prone skin (when used as a step one of a double cleansing process).

Our recommendation: The best Oil Cleanser

The Skinsync oil cleanser has been specifically designed and formulated to not only help combat hormonal breakouts but also soothe and calm your skin.

Skinsync has chosen specific oils for their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory roles such as hemp oil, tea tree and witch hazel. This helps to not only support your skin but also prevent new breakouts from occurring. They have also included lime and cucumber for their cleansing properties. It is the ultimate oil cleanser for breakout-free and glowing skin.

to see the entire Skinsync range and to discover how it will transform your skin and revolutionize your skincare journey.


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