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We are back in-Stock week of the 5th March! Place your order now.

Finally, we are almost there!. I have felt very uncomfortable about not having stock available over the past two months, and for letting a few of you down about not getting orders out to you. For a new business starting out - this is, and was a teething issue that has now be rectified, and with this issue addressed we have been able to make this part of the business even stronger. So as the saying goes, 'some things happen for a reason' - well I hope this was a good omen for us.

Quick update: Drying and milling complete, Microb and Analytical Testing being completed this week and we bottle on Tuesday/Wednesday.

You can now place your orders here - you can go ahead and place your orders for despatch next week.

Digestive and Gut Health are a common conversations and a hot topic of late. I recently received two research papers sent to me from the University of Otago - 'Nutritional Value of Seaweed' and 'Seaweed proteins / nutritional aspects and potential uses'. Both incredibly interesting to read, and yes lot of the content very technical. But it made me think about how important consuming seaweed is for our overall body health and function - with gut health being the centre of our overall health outcomes.

'The nutritional role of alginates from brown seaweed has been reviewed and shown alginates to be potentially beneficial in gut health"*

I also came across a couple of websites / links into gut health and how seaweed can assist and help in this area (for many gut health issues cause alot of discomfort)

They give a pretty in-depth review on the benefits of seaweed and gut health. But worth a read or a quick scan over.

Eating sushi doesn't quite cut it - so your seaweed supplement is a good place to start.

I look forward to keeping in touch, and bringing to you new information and further health benefits and topics on seaweed on a regular basis.

* Exert from 'Nutritional value of edible seaweeds - International Life Science.


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