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Stages of Hormonal Skin

A woman's skin will drastically fluctuate during different stages of their lives all because of hormones. There are three common times that a woman is particularly more sensitive to the effects that hormones will play on their skin.

The first is Menstruation.

With puberty and the onset of menstruation, pre-teens and teens experience a huge amount of hormonal fluctuations. This leads to increased sebum production, worsened by the higher levels of androgens floating around at this age. Teenage skin is largely impacted by hormones, so along with a gentle skin-care routine – it’s important to focus on nutrition and stress reduction to support hormonal balance.

Motherhood is the next stage where a woman is likely to suffer from hormonal breakouts.

As we age and move through our 30’s, our production of testosterone declines – improving acne and breakouts. But here we start to notice other changes in our skin such as less skin elasticity and hydration. With pregnancy, we reap the benefits of our pregnancy glow – but of course this flux of hormones causes a surge of androgens, which can lead to hormonal skin and breakouts. It’s not all bad though - because we know how to nourish our body with the right nutrients and find our way back to hormonal balance.

The last phase that hormonal breakouts could occur in a woman is during Menopause.

The decline in hormones as we reach menopause changes our skin once again. This stage of our life sees our skin cell turnover being slowed down, and the decline of estrogen means our skin is a lot more dry and can appear dull. The way we nurture our skin and hormones in the earlier years will impact the health of our skin as we age.

Many women believe that once they have gotten through puberty that they will not need to worry about hormonal acne again for the rest of their lives. This dream then gets snuffed out by the reality of motherhood, menopause and the monthly menstruation cycle.

Don't fret though because there is a solution. Skinsync is natural, non-toxic skincare with a woman's cycle in mind.

Skinsync bridges the gap between our hormones and skin, encouraging women to understand the relationship between monthly hormonal fluctuations and their skin. Our products are carefully formulated with a women’s cycle in mind to support the skin through each phase of the cycle.

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At Skin sync we want to encourage you to become familiar with your hormones and your cycle, and help you gain a better understanding of the relationship between your hormones and your skin. We believe in tackling skin health holistically from the inside out, with our naturopathically hand-crafted herbal teas and blends. Our topical and inner beauty products support the skin at all stages of life, and throughout each phase of the cycle.


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