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So what is it about Seaweed that makes it incredible? The secret is out!

Seaweed is a rich source of vitamins - A, B, C, D, E and K. Its Vitamin C content is particularly high. All of these are necessary to bolster the human immune system, which is one of seaweeds noted benefits. Also, did you know - in fact it contains the highest natural concentration of calcium of any food - 10 times more than milk.

But what makes it quite extraordinary is the trace element called Fucoidan. Fucoidan is a substance found in the cell walls of macrocystis seaweed - used medicinally for a wide variety of health purposes. “Fucoidan produced by Macrocystis pyrifera is a powerful immune modulator, which can enhance NK cell activation, DC maturation, CTL activity, Th1 immune responses, antigen specific antibody production and memory T cell generation. Fucoidan from M. pyrifera may be a potentially useful therapeutic agent for infectious diseases, cancer and effective adjuvant for vaccine” Jun-O Jin and Qing Yu authors. Quite simply, it is quite incredible and you get this element in your seaweed supplement - amazing! Check out this site for more information:

So why Oceangreen Organics seaweed supplements?

1. 100% Pure New Zealand macrocystis seaweed - one of the most incredible seaweeds on the planet

2. Hand harvested from the wild - in pristine clean and nutrient-dense rich waters of the New Zealand's Southern Pacific coast.

3. Niche player in the kelp/seaweed supplement market - we care about your health journey and are committed to your on-going health. We aren't a large corporate that rolls thousands of supplement bottles off a conveyor belt ... we are small, organic and care about what goes into your body. Feel free to email me at anytime.

4. No fillers, additives or anythings are added to our supplement range. 100% pure Macrocystis seaweed! Organic, vegan friendly - just totally friendly. Your gut will love you for it!!

Not all seaweed supplements are the same. Seaweed/kelp requires nutrient-rich waters in which to grow, and so the nutritional content varies depending on the conditions in which it is grown. Oceangreen Organics seaweed is sourced from the most pristine waters on the planet, then milled and capsulated in a high quality GMP approved manufacture here in New Zealand. For example our premium-quality capsules can be pulled apart and added to food or drink - sprinkle the powder into your favourite morning smoothie!


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