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Let's take a look at the Potential Health Benefits of Seaweed for this Season-

... more than you thought!

Sports Recovery:

Getting the right micronutrients - key vitamins and minerals into our body play an important role in energy production and overall maintenance of bone health and protection of body organs/damage. They assist with helping to repair muscle tissue during recovery from exercise and injury

There are numerous foods and supplements that can help in this area and are key elements in sports recovery, that will contribute to help reduce the amount of time your body needs to recover from a sports injury. Seaweed is seriously a big contender to consider adding to your diet to help recover from an injury more quickly, or just recover from sports activity.

Whether you are a serious athlete, in training for Ironman (good for you, by the way!) or a weekend walker/ leisure jogger who takes the dog to the park to keep fit, seaweed can be very beneficial for you. The high content of electrolyte minerals - calcium, vitamin D (which helps absorb iron also in seaweed) magnesium, iron, sodium and potassium means seaweed is a super-natural way of replacing the electrolytes lost during your training sessions. Also high in protein, and packed with anti-oxidants which are proven to help reduce inflammation in the body, seaweed is a fantastic re-fuel for your body immediately post training.

"These capsules are PACKED with natural vitamins and minerals! I aim to get as many nutrients in my body as possible and the Organic Seaweed Supplement helps tremendously! Highly recommend these to anyone who wants to boost their energy and improve their overall health." - Dawn Fletcher, Fitness, CrossFit and Performance Coach

"For sure I've in taking your product I've noticed an increase in recovery and energy levels! It's been a few weeks now so enjoying that :)" - Lesley Paterson - Professional Athlete

Did you know?:

Seaweeds abundance of minerals and vitamins are easy for the body to break down. A great way to boost your nutritional intake!

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver attributes his ability to lose 30 pounds to adding the all-mighty seaweed into his diet.

Nourishing you from the inside out - the seaweed is feeding your body the essential nutrients it requires to perform at its best!

Immune Defense ...

..... Enhance your immune function and defence this season with a supplement or two of seaweed!

Seaweed - this natural superfood has been proven to strengthen the immune system in several ways, keeping you from coming down with every cold in your vicinity. Seaweed possesses anti-viral properties that have been proven promising in providing a protective effect against flu symptoms. Seaweed contains fiber, which has been shown to encourage the healthy growth of intestinal flora, which are the "good bacteria" that work to bolster the immune system. Gut health and overall health are intimately linked, and the fiber found in seaweed improves both.

Helps Prevent The Flu - Seaweed extract has been shown to have mild antiviral properties, thanks to the presence of a compound known as Shikimic acid, which as it turns out is one of the raw materials in the production of the seasonal antiviral medication Tamiflu. Algae present in the water and on the seaweed produces this compound, which when then consumed offers some degree of antiviral protection. Maybe it’s a good idea, after all, to eat more seaweed when flu season rolls around, don’t you think?

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