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How to be Friends with your Gut

Issues with gut health affect over 65% of us on a monthly basis - and many of us don't even know it.

Symptoms of an unhealthy gut may be pretty clear for some, but others could be missing the more subtle signs that their gut needs help. These signs may include sugar cravings, particular food sensitivities, moodiness, skin problems, halitosis, or issues with the immune system. It already seems like the gut plays a much bigger role in our health than a lot of us may realise, so it's time we started talking about it!

Research has shown that the alginate in brown seaweed can strengthen gut mucus, which protects the gut wall. What's more, the polysaccharides in our seaweed have been shown to increase "good" gut bacteria. These polysaccharides can also increase the production of short-chain fatty acids, which nourish the cells which line the gut.

We love hearing how Ocean Green seaweed capsules are helping you, in particular, your gut health!

Constipation and gastrointestinal distress issues, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are commonly experienced worldwide, with a lack of effective treatments available.

Seaweed has shown promise as an effective therapy for gut motility issues, with research highlighting the presence of beneficial compounds that can aid the digestion processes. Therefore, we wanted to provide an overview of the current research supporting the role of seaweed in gut health.

Our seaweed capsules contain several components that contribute to the improvement of gut health: iodine, fiber, prebiotics and anti-inflammatories.


A common symptom experienced by people with hypothyroidism is constipation. In contrast, people with hyperthyroidism often develop diarrhea. As our capsules contain more than your daily requirement of iodine to help maintain thyroid health and subsequently, alleviate hypothyroidism related constipation.


50% of each seaweed capsule is composed of dietary fiber, which may contribute to the observable gut motility benefits reported by our customers. Increasing dietary fiber intake is commonly advised for people experiencing constipation. This is because fiber promotes bowel movement by decreasing ‘transit time’, and increasing water content of stool, making it easier to pass.

Dietary fiber is defined as a compound resistant to digestion in the stomach, and susceptible to fermentation in the intestine to promote regular bowel movements. Dietary fiber compounds can be found in the cell walls of plant material, for example ‘alginate’ in seaweed cell walls, which has been found to increase ‘colonic bulk’ to aid gut motility. Our seaweed capsules also contain long chain sugars that are also classified as dietary fiber compounds that help keep things moving.

Gut anti-inflammatories

Gut inflammation can develop in response to some of the types of foods and medications we consume. Certain drugs and foods can form compounds called ‘free radicals’ which can damage cells and cause gut inflammation. However, our seaweed capsules are packed with antioxidants such as vitamin E, fucoidan and tannins, that counteract these free radicals to reduce gut inflammation and relieve digestive distress.

Microbiota Balance

The microbes within our gut play a big role in digestion. Maintaining a balance between ‘commensal bacteria’ (the good guys) and pathogenic bacteria (the bad guys), helps digest food and promote regularity. Our seaweed capsules contain prebiotics such as fucoidan, laminarin and oligosaccharides, that feed good bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, and also stimulate the immune system to reduce bad bacteria species such as Enterobacteriaceae and Enterococcus.

Ultimately, OceanGreen Seaweed capsules provide your gut with all the tools to keep things moving, with iodine, fiber, prebiotics and anti-inflammatory compounds that can improve overall motility.

See our website to read more about what our customers are saying.


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