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Could this be helpful to you? A natural health supplement to hard to ignore!

There are very few times in our lives where we reflect on ourselves and of those around us, and things like 'what are we doing to our planet', and of someone close to us dying or under-going some serious health challenges. We never reflect and take stock on how good we have it in the moment. But we only reflect, hope and wish when something goes wrong in our lives or those close to us. And then we vow to live better, to live with more purpose, to be a better person, to love differently, to love more, laugh more etc.

Reflection .... a new journey and outlook. I recently spent a few days in hospital for a hamstring surgery - I ripped the hamstring off my bone approx 5.3cm and broke my foot (yikes Yes!. It happened in a parents relay race at a Junior athletics competition). I have weeks/months of recovery and physio ahead of me. I am a fairly active person so this really has been a challenge in more ways than I can count. I am writing this to you sitting on my knees (which is a slight struggle as well). But I wanted to share this story with you and to highlight a few more discoveries I have uncovered about the benefits of seaweed.

A couple of insights first: My first time in a hospital other than to have my two children - what shocked me was the lack of nutritional food on offer at each meal - what they considered 'high protein' / recovery food/meals was most disappointing. I can tell you the food there did not play any part in be leaving when I did. Drugs - they handed these out freely. Not that I was complaining for the first few days. But after a few days I noticed I was lethargic, no energy and constipated and overall uncomfortable. A few days after surgery and once home I started back on my seaweed supplements to assist with the swelling / and muscle recovery and gut health.

Here's where the seaweed stepped in:

  • Gut health - aids with constipation symptoms. If you are having trouble in this area - I know these supplements can help and alleviate this discomfort. As well as digestive dis-orders - purging all the unwanted drugs and toxins from your body.

  • Surgery Recovery & good energy levels - its a big thing going into surgery, and I realise mine wasn't huge in the scheme of things, but I have felt the seaweed has given me daily energy that I need to get up and about and feel normal (ish).

  • Anti-Inflammatory - I know that the swelling of my thigh and hamstring area was aided greatly by the seaweed.

  • Best natural energy boost - making sure I get all the nutrients and minerals my body needs to get stronger and recover faster.

As I have mentioned before, brown seaweed offers a broad range of beneficial compounds to provide positive benefits to our whole body. Scientific research has identified kelp/seaweed as having anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties …. as well as relief from arthritis a well as immune support. (just highlighting a few!)­­­

You know when you're onto a good thing and you want to shout from the roof tops and say to people "hey, why aren't you on board' So please spread the word! It's said that seaweed is a 'nutritional powerhouse', and I can personally vouch for my healthy recovery.


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