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Are you Tired of being Tired? Need an ENERGY Boost?

Experience the difference Oceangreen Organics Seaweed Supplements can do for you!

Did you Know: T

he thyroid is one of the body's most important endocrine glands. Using iodine and the amino acid tyrosine, the thyroid produces thyroxine and thyronine, two hormones that regulate temperature, function and growth of every cell in the body. These hormones also affect cognitive functioning, including concentration and memory. Without an adequate supply, a person may experience fatigue, anxiety and weight gain, according to "Thyroid Power," by holistic practitioners Richard and Karilee Shames.

Our seaweed supplement provides a natural solution to optimize thyroid gland functioning and boost performance - our nutrient-packed seaweed contains a rich source of iodine and selenium, two minerals essential to thyroid hormone production.

Get Your Green On!

Is your body hungry for essential vitamins and minerals? Let us help ....

Did you know? One in 10 women in this country have been diagnosed with thyroid problems.

Healthy natural nutritional support starts here, by supporting a healthy thyroid function, greater energy, blood sugar regulation & metabolism, slows carb digestion. PLUS, a hand full of other incredible benefits!

Seaweed is often considered a ‘superfood’ due to its significant mineral content.

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