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The Truth About Thyroid Hormones

Have you been feeling moody? Unexplained weight fluctuations? Are your energy levels or metabolism just not quite right? Well, you may want to read on...

The thyroid is often overlooked. Many people don't even know what it is, let alone the enormous impact it has on our health. If you know what the thyroid is, ask yourself what you're doing to look after yours. Keeping the thyroid happy is HUGE, and it's something that seaweed can play a big role in!

So, let's start with the basics. The mysterious thyroid gland is found in the neck and basically helps to regulate body functions by releasing thyroid hormones, known as T3 and T4. These hormones impact every single cell and organ in the body. They can speed up or slow down our metabolism or heart rate. If the body needs extra energy, (for example, when cold or during pregnancy), the thyroid gland will produce more hormones. Sounds good, right?

Except, our bodies need the right amount of iodine to make these thyroid hormones. This is super important, because an underactive or overactive thyroid can cause huge issues. Low thyroid hormone production can cause low energy, feeling weak, constipation and low mood. But too much of the stuff can be dangerous too, causing anxiety, a rapid heartbeat, mood swings, and even some serious long term health issues. These hormones affect function in virtually the entire body, so they're kind of a big deal.

The World Health Oganisation have estimated that almost 16% of the world suffers from iodine deficiency. Unfortunately, this makes it a fairly common issue. Getting the right balance means getting the right amount of iodine in our diets, because our bodies don't produce enough of the stuff. Iodine is naturally found in foods such as fish and dairy products, as well as iodized salts. However, many diets may not include these foods, which is where supplements can step in to help out.

Ocean & Green's 100% Pure NZ Seaweed Supplements are a fantastic source of iodine. Seaweed has the super unique ability of absorbing concentrated iodine from the ocean. The iodine added to some salts is absorbed and excreted quickly in the body, whilst the natural iodine in seaweed is used by the body at a more stable and steady rate. Plus, our seaweed supplements are natural multi-vitamins, with a huge range of other health benefits all in one. If you're still unsure about it, check out the reviews on our website. There you'll see personal accounts of people feeling a huge boost in energy after taking our seaweed supplements, and it's no coincidence!

So, what we know is that the thyroid basically sets your body's pace. The goal is to find the balance between being too hyperactive and feeling slow or sluggish - and the stats show that most of us are in the latter category. It only takes a small change to your diet to elevate your mood, regulate your metabolism, your heart, boost energy levels... Now you see why iodine is so important?!

* Note that it is really important to assess your age, diet, and other needs against the recommended iodine intake! There is a fine balance, as consuming too much iodine can also be dangerous.


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