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The skin journey to unleashing your inner beauty

Nutrition and the food we eat is the foundation of physical health and beauty. We can’t expect to glow on the outside if we’re eating a diet consisting of processed food, or food that’s unrecognizable to the body. We truly are what we eat!

The skin has many roles, it shields us from the outside world (e.g. chemicals and viruses), regulates our body temperature and allows us to synthesise vitamin D. It’s also one of our organs of detoxification and by sweating, we rid the body of waste products.

A large amount of what we apply topically has the ability to penetrate through to the bloodstream, which is why it’s so important to be mindful of the products we’re exposing our skin to on a daily basis.

Along with the products we apply topically, skin health is very much an inside job. Skin conditions tend to be caused and exacerbated by internal imbalances, such as poor gut health, hormonal imbalance, stress and food intolerances. This means that what we eat and what’s going on internally is just as – if not more important, than what we put on our skin!

The best foods for our skin include antioxidants to reduce inflammation, gut healing foods to support the gut lining and improve digestive health, and healthy fats to enhance glowing skin!

Ocean & Green's Top Tips for unleashing your inner beauty:

  • Collagen supports the gut lining, helping to heal and seal the digestive tract. It also improves the elasticity and hydration of our skin! Check out our recent blog post about why you should be taking Ocean & Green's Marine Collagen Capsules.

  • Fibre is necessary for gut health and detoxification. Include sources of fibre from whole fruits and vegetables as well as seeds like flaxseeds and hemp seeds.

  • Look after your gut! A healthy outside starts with the inside and one of the gut is the key. An unhealthy gut may well be the root cause of something that doesn't even seem related (such as skin troubles). Improving your gut health will do nothing but better your life and help unleash your inner beauty. Try Ocean & Green's Seaweed capsules to take care of your gut and yourself!

  • Our detoxification pathways are another key element when it comes to radiant skin, which is why you will find liver supportive herbs like dandelion and milk thistle in our Skinsync blends in Ocean & Green's skincare range.

It’s important to take a holistic approach and address all factors that may be contributing to skin health. Stress, sleep, inflammation, gut health and lack of nutrition can all play a role in the condition of our skin. It all comes back to supporting the body from the inside out!


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